New Menu and Price Changes at Be Our Guest Restaurant

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Hiya everybody! It’s Anonymouse here to share the latest Disney news with you! Today, I wanted to tell you about the changes at Be Our Guest restaurant at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Be Our Guest can be found in the Beast’s castle in New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom park. Be Our Guest is a quick service location for lunch and then becomes a table service restaurant for dinner (with advance reservations strongly recommended). Be Our Guest has now updated their menus for both lunch and dinner, which includes higher prices than previously available. Hooray! #sarcasm

Two of the dishes whose prices have increased are the Assorted Cured Meats and Sausages appetizer, which has gone from $14.99 to $16.49, and the Grilled Strip Steak entree has went from $29.99 to $32.99. Other changes you will find for the menu offerings includes some dishes have been replaced. For instance, at dinner, the Chicken Breast dish has replaced the Cornish Hen. During lunch, the steak sandwich has been replaced with a roast beef sandwich. The price increase won’t affect you though if you are on the Disney dining plan, where you can order any entree you would like!

What do you think of the changes at Be Our Guest restaurant? Have you had a chance to try it yet? Will you be disappointed to see these menu changes? How bout the increase in prices?

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New Menu and Price Changes at Be Our Guest Restaurant

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8 thoughts on “New Menu and Price Changes at Be Our Guest Restaurant

  1. I’d like to just be able to GET IN to Be Our Guest – LOL! Today at 8:24am I was trying to make my reservation for Nov 17 and all the reservations were gone already. This will be the second trip we’ll not be able to get in. I’ll admit, I wasn’t that impressed with the menu already – I just want to get in so that we can experience the atmosphere. Everyone is right – my kids don’t want turkey meatloaf or healthy food on vacation. I think it’s fine if they want to offer it, but they shouldn’t offer only non-mainstream options. And I agree that a cornish hen is special – not a chicken breast! And unfortunately, I DEFINITELY AGREE that the food on property has gone WAY DOWN HILL. We were shocked last December – we were severely disappointed at all of our favorite restaurants that we’d gone to for years. (Brown Derby, Coral Reef, plus Chef Mickey’s which we hadn’t been to in years) We were willing to pay the high prices – but not when we’re walking out of the restaurant, being disgusted with what we had just been served. We can’t bring ourselves to go back again – it’s too much $$, and vacation is too short to take a big chance that those restaurants will have gone back to their previous quality. This time, I’m reserving all restaurants that we’ve never gone to before – and hopefully, crossing my fingers, they won’t be disappointing, too. If so, then (and I never thought we’d say this, but…) we’ll have to resort to quick counter service for our trips. I sure hope it never comes to that!! Dining there was such a special part of our vacation!

    Please, Disney – fix your restaurants!

  2. I read the menus at both DL and WDW when deciding which park to visit this trip. Both were disappointing but WDW still held some merit. I don’t go to Disney to eat rice and fish. It is vacation. I want vacation food and enjoyment not diet tribe. Was looking forward to trying the new restaurant and a steak sandwich. I can get roast beef anywhere. It is hard to get an unfried steak sandwich in TX. I miss Philly cheesesteaks and was hoping this would be like the ones I grew up with back east. All the menus I read leave a lot to be desired. My granddaughters do not want whole grain xxxx or turkey meatloaf. They want real pizza, pbj pizza from Goofy’s/Mickey’s, chicken nuggets, fries, mashed potatoes and fun food. We want chocolate and ice creams and puddings. It is vacation!!!! It is time to splurge and enjoy not count calories and eat crap that I tastes like cardboard. Very disappointed in what Disney is becoming. Now all these posts on where to get the best alcohol and adult fun. It is a park for kids. There should be no alcohol or smoking anywhere near it. It is family time not get drunk and stupid time. I can see us making the move to Universal, LegoLand or back to SeaWorld for next year again.

  3. We ate lunch and dinner at Be Our Guest in January. We weren’t favorably impressed with dinner – both food and atmosphere (Huge room & tables quite crowded together). We were happier with lunch. Both had sandwiches and sat in a smaller dining room.

  4. I work at a Country Club and in Disney’s defense, food costs have gone through the roof! But, with that said, I think the Disney food quality has gone way down hill – for the price the food is HORRIBLE! We ended up just grabbing healthy snacks around the park (the veggies, fruit, pickles, etc.) and of course an ice cream or two 😉 instead of doing a counter or sit down meal… it was that bad! I’ve been going to Disney for years and I just can’t believe the decline in the quality, it’s disappointing! 🙁 Disney and eating used to go hand-in-hand … not so much now!

  5. How disappointing! I can get chicken breast anywhere but was looking forward to trying the Cornish Hen when I go this summer. And raising the prices? Thanks a lot. I don’t have the dining plan this time because I’ll be there for a convention. Hope they still have my second choice – the ratatouille.

  6. I ate dinner there in February and the food left a lot to be desired. I could’ve cooked the same meal better!

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