Mary Poppins Returns Special to Air on Thanksgiving Night

mary poppins

A “Mary Poppins Returns” special will air on Thanksgiving evening on 20/20 on ABC.

“Mary Poppins Returns: Behind the Magic” will air at 8/7 Central after we’ve had our fill of turkey and dressing. It will include interviews with cast members like Emily Blunt, who plays the practically perfect nanny, Dick Van Dyke, Lin-Manuel Miranda and others.

The newest part of the Mary Poppins story will include some similarities with the first film, such as the Banks name and a park near the Banks’ home. However, there will be some differences as well, including a more humble rendering of Cherry Tree Lane.

The special will also include clips from the upcoming theatrical release, which debuts on December 19.

In the first Mary Poppins film, the prim and proper nanny tells the Banks children that she will “stay until the wind changes,” and she departs at the end of the film. We are eager to see how the wind brings Poppins back and whether she’ll stay this time or not.

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