Marvel’s Silver Surfer Movie Potentially In The Works!

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According to, a Silver Surfer movie might be in the works as rumours have surfaced that Marvel Studios is “actively developing” a Silver Surfer movie. The rumours for the potential movie have arisen after Disney’s deal with 20th Century Fox. The platform for this movie is yet unknown- the Silver Surfer could have its own movie released in theatres or could be on the new Disney +, however, details are yet unknown.

Disney’s deal with 20th Century Fox has allowed some of Marvel’s biggest characters to return including the Fantastic Four, Annihilus, Galactus, and Silver Surfer. All would fit perfectly over Phase 4 and beyond. Another reason for a potential movie is to enhance the cosmic side of the MCU which has not featured as much as the earthbound characters.

With this potential movie, Marvel could work towards an Annihilation style event, opening up the possibility to introduce characters like the Surfer, Annihilus, Nova and the Shiar Empire. Alternatively, it could be hypothesised that the Surfer could be introduced as a cameo in another film or part of an event film.

Either way, stay tuned for more MCU information and the potential appearance of the Silver Surfer!

Tessa H