Marvel Studios Has Regained the Rights to Ghost Rider and Blade


In a rather surprising turn of events, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has revealed that the studio has reacquired the film rights to two of their most popular characters, Ghost Rider and Blade. This is two of four sets of characters, and universes, that the studio has reacquired in the past two years. Last October, Marvel publicly regained control of DareDevil from 20th Century Fox, and earlier in the year had also managed to re-obtain The Punisher as well. While the characters coming home under the banner is excellent news, at this time, there is no plans of bringing the characters back to the screen anytime soon. This now means there are only three major character universes left for Marvel to get back in house: Spider-Man from Sony Pictures, and the Fantastic Four and X-Men from 20th Century Fox. Unfortunately, I’m not holding my breath to see those coming back to their parent company any time soon, but at least the ball has been set in motion for Marvel to regain many of their own properties.

The most interesting thing about this acquisitions, at least for me, is that these characters they’ve gotten back all live in a very different part of the Marvel universe, and one I’d love to see on screen. I think it might be time for Marvel to think about possibly opening up the seedy underbelly, and more supernatural side, of their universe, one that is totally different than the super heroic side, and the cosmic side we’re starting to move towards. I really think this is their chance to do something incredibly different, creating another part of the universe where gangs, crime bosses, vampires, and more reign supreme, and only the most hardened of characters, can enter. The idea of seeing The Punisher and DareDevil working together, or Blade and Ghost Rider possibly fighting side by side against a common supernatural foe has me absolutely giddy, so I can dream about the possibilites. Are you glad to see Marvel has regained the rights to some of its characters? Let me know in the comments below, only here at Chip and Company!


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