Marvel Comics Welcomes The Haunted Mansion!


Marvel Comics welcomes the ghosts of the Haunted Mansion!.  Marvel’s Disney Kingdoms series, which includes popular Disney attractions such as Figment and Big Thunder Mountain, brings us one of the park’s most popular attractions.

Haunted Mansion #1, written by Joshua Williamson, introduces readers to 999 ghosts that live in the mansion.  Williamson shared that he and Marvel wanted to make sure that there was a horror theme in the story.  The Haunted Mansion has a fun, silly and scary combination interwoven but the scary part was the one being focused on in this story line.

Marvel works with Disney Imagineers to make sure that the attractions and the stories are combined perfectly.  Disney Imagineer, Josh Shipley states that “all of us involved are storytellers…in different arenas” making for the best teamwork for an outcome that will give fans what they want.

The plan for Disney Kingdoms was to be able to bring fans an outlet for those interested in Disney attractions and in comic stories.  Combining the two was a way to bring comic readers, access to parks and attractions and give Disney Park fans additional stories to enhance their fun.

Williamson shared the will be a lot of characters including the all time favorite, Hat Box Ghost!  The bride was another section, he wanted to add, but needed to find a balance between humor and horror.  The story line is still wrapped up in secrecy, but if the Disney Imagineers and Marvel are involved, we know it will be an incredible story.

Haunted Mansion #1 will be available in March 2016.   Disney Publishing Worldwide will also release several other book titles based on the Haunted Mansion properties in 2016, including Disney Parks Presents: The Haunted Mansion and Tales from the Haunted Mansion Volume I: The Fearsome Foursome.    Will these titles be on your list of reading material or is the Haunted Mansion one of those – won’t ride attractions?

As an avid reader and Disney Addict, you can imagine my excitement at this news!    Visit to read our upcoming book reviews and stay updated with all the Disney news and promotions.

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  1. Those were put out by Dark Horse Comics. The comics were produced as a one story arc. Ending with the question “What happens if the ghost count goes up to a 1000?”

  2. I have a question. I did a search for Haunted Mansion comics and Haunted Mansion comics that came out in 2005 popped up. So this isn’t actually new? They must have stopped making them for a while?

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