Marvel and Mattel Present X-Men Comics Barbie Dolls

Marvel and Mattel Present X-Men Comics Barbie® Dolls. Mattel and Marvel have collaborated to bring 3 of the women from X-Men together to celebrate Marvel’s 80th Anniversary as a new Barbie® Doll Collection.

“Barbie® celebrates the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics with a tribute to legendary X-Men characters,” Mattel shares in the description of the Gift Set, “Each one is painted to the character’s likeness and articulated for action-packed poses! Each specially designed package also includes a doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Celebrate 80 years of action, fandom, and Marvel Comics and get all three dolls!”

Check out the great comic book recreations of some of the incredible women of the X-Men:

1.) Mystique

“Mystique Barbie® doll is beguiling in a white dress with a double slit, a belt of skulls, white gloves and boots.”

2.) Storm

“Storm Barbie® doll is electrifying in a shiny-black bodysuit, cape and thigh-high boots with golden trim.”

3.) Dark Phoenix

“Dark Phoenix Barbie® doll is fierce in a red bodysuit with the iconic phoenix graphic.”

The Marvel Barbie Dolls Gift Set costs $150, according to Mattel, and is currently backordered until October 18, 2019 (at the time of writing). If you want to get your Gift Set before the holidays you may want to place your order now, before it is too late.

You can place your order for the Marvel Barbie® Dolls Gift Set by CLICKING HERE.

Marvel and Mattel chose Mystique, Storm, and Dark Phoenix, out of a line-up of 10 characters from the X-Men franchise. Reportedly the decision was not easy, but the results have been amazing and fans are crazed to get their hands on this collection.

The Marvel Barbie doll set was first presented to fans at San Diego Comic Con and was an instant hit among fans on the floor of the convention. What a Marvel-ous way to celebrate Marvel’s 80th Anniversary!

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Photo Credit: Marvel/Mattel

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