Live-Action Lion King Trailer Breaks Disney Viewing Record Leaving Fans Wanting More

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Live-Action Lion King Trailer Breaks Disney Viewing Record Leaving Fans Wanting More

Everyone…literally everyone in the world knows about the “The Lion King.” We aren’t kidding, just start asking random people! Okay…maybe don’t do that, but trust us! Everyone knows something about the film that ‘changed animation.’ Most of those people are also well aware that Disney has been working fervently on a ‘live-action‘ remake for a while now. And we got our first glimpse at what Disney has to offer last week with a short, but satisfying trailer that has fans buzzing!

The anticipation for the film has been overwhelming with bloggers and normal folk alike busy arguing over casting, use of real animals, and even the music in the film. No matter the stance on the remake, fans were left with mouths agape once they viewed the trailer…we were too. Many, if not most, have watched the trailer numerous times (we have to). This is probably part of the reason that ‘The Lion King‘ trailer has set a Disney record as the “most viewed trailer of all time in a 24 hour period!”

Breaking Records

Coming in at 224.6 million views in just 24 hours, fans couldn’t get enough of the amazing visuals. If you haven’t seen the trailer as of yet, it replicates (flawlessly) the original opening scene of the animated classic. Compared to the 1994 original scene, the scene was perfection! Hearing actor James Earl Jones voice Mufasa again accompanied by the recognizable African overture! NOSTALGIA! This is probably part of the reason the trailer was viewed so many time!

One thing is for sure, if the trailer is breaking records, we can’t imagine what the film is going to do. With Jon Favreau (live-action Jungle Book) directing, amazing visuals, a broad and talented cast (including Seth Rogan, Donald Glover, and Beyonce), the July 2019 opening is sure to be met with increasing anticipation. We can now only wait to see if any future trailer releases break the 224.6 million views. We have high confidence that won’t be much of a problem.

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