Live Action Kim Possible Movie Theme Song ‘Call Me, Beep Me’ Gets An Update

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Live Action Kim Possible Movie Theme Song ‘Call Me, Beep Me’ Gets An Update. The iconic theme song gets revamped with a more energetic and electric sound. Many fans are cautiously optimistic about the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie Live-Action Kim Possible set to release next month. With the building anticipation from previous fans of the animated series and the new fans being introduced to this crime fighting cheerleader, it is a great sneak peek at what we can expect from the live-action film.

Today the new theme song was released for all the world to hear and it is already making the rounds on various social media platforms.  The star of the film Sadie Stanley, who plays Kim Possible, lends her voice as the lead vocalist in this re-imagined piece.

Want to hear the “Call Me, Beep Me!” update? Click the video below to listen:

The live-action “Call Me, Beep Me!” definitely has a much more electronic sound than its predecessor from the animated series. More than likely either your teenager(s), or a teen you know, will have it stuck in their head by the end of next week. I have a feeling it won’t just be tweens and teens blasting this updated bop in the next few weeks, as the old fans will feel a wave of nostalgia as they proudly bust out the lyrics to this iconic theme. This new version is also an extended version of the classic with the addition of a new verse.

Be sure to watch the premiere of the live-action Kim Possible Movie on February 15, 2019 at 8:00 PM EST.

For those wanting to see more of the action before the films release, you can check out the trailer for the Live-Action Kim Possible Movie coming to Disney Channel by CLICKING HERE.

Kim Possible

Photo Credit: Disney Channel

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