Lirika Matoshi Cinderella Collection Has Dramatic And Enchanting Style

Disney has teamed up designer Lirika Matoshi to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Cinderella. The Lirika Matoshi Cinderella Collection is available now. There are also four enchanting dresses to choose from. The name Lirika Matoshi might sounds familiar. That’s because it’s also the designer responsible for the Strawberry Dress Instagram sensation!

Lirika Matoshi Cinderella Collection

Lirika is known for her embellishments, glittery dresses, and intricate crystal-covered blouses. This collection was inspired by nature and the romantic scenery of Cinderella. Lirika recreated her interpretation of Cinderella’s iconic style with modern and dramatic pieces.

Lirika Matoshi Cinderella Collection

The Lirika Matoshi x Cinderella collection is woven with vibrant hues and dramatic volumes. The enchanting silhouettes and embellishments are irresistible! The dresses capture beauty and enchantment. You’ll fall in love with the inspiration of green pastures, pink skies, glass slippers, and magic castles. We can’t forget about also believing in make-believe at the stroke of midnight either!

Lirika Matoshi Cinderella Collection

The modern and dramatic pieces will also make anyone feel like they are a Disney Princess. A Disney Princess with a timeless and iconic style at that too! Lirika Matoshi believes in fanciful fairy tales, princess gowns, and also dressing up even if there is nowhere to go.

This designer Cinderella collection is also full of enchanted wanderlust. You can find the collection online now at the Lirika Matoshi website now.

What do you think of the enchanting Lirika Matoshi Cinderella Collection?

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