Lion King Bangles From Alex and Ani Have Hakuna Matata Style

Say hello to a worry free philosophy when accessorizing, because Alex and Ani has launched new Lion King Bangles!  There are two new bangles inspired by the classic animated film, and they are out just in time to celebrate the new Live Action moving premiering next month!

The first bangle is a shiny gold, with a disc charm. This charm is one of the new double sided charms we’ve been seeing lately. Beautifully inlaid with colored enamel, this charm brings to life the beloved Hakuna Matata song. The front shows Timon, Pumba, and Simba walking to the beat in the jungle, while the back says “Hakuna Matata” among a leafy design. This bangle is available for $50.00

The second bangle in the new assortment is a shiny silver, with an adorable Simba shaped charm. The shape is the iconic symbol of Simba that Rafiki draws. A golden yellow enamel makes this charm really pop. This icon has become a symbol for the Lion King, which makes it the perfect look for a charm. You’ll find this bracelet available for $45.00.

We found both of these at Animal Kingdom, but they are sure to start popping up around the Disney parks more soon. To find out more, be sure to check out the Disney Fashionista!

Which of the new Lion King Bangles from Alex and Ani is your favorite?

Special Thanks to the Disney Fashionista for the stunning pictures! 


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