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    Mike Daniels

    It hasn’t been a full day park in years…If you have early AM extra Magic hours, you can finish the major attractions in a couple of hours

  2. 3


    This SUCKS!!! THEY are closing EVERYTHING we LOVED at Hollywood Studios!!!

  3. 2

    Chris Pickett

    I never got to see this show when I went in 2007, so I won’t be able to miss it. However, this didn’t feel like a “full day” park to me when we went then. Considering Disney’s property, I don’t see why they would need to shut down shows in order to build more, when they have plenty of land around them. Closures should be minimal. I think the question I have would be “how has attendance been for this show?” I do understand that things change and even popular things sometimes have to “wrap up their run”.

  4. 1

    Terry Patrick

    Not very likely that you could find enough to do for a full day after the closures you mention. And While it would be a nice gesture to lower the gate prices, I don’t see Bob Iger and staff approving that one.

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