Liberty Belle to Set Sail Again

Liberty Belle to Set Sail Again

The Liberty Belle at the Magic Kingdom has been out of commission for awhile, and the river has looked pretty sad without her.  She has been sitting in dry dock for most of the year getting a complete overhaul.  While she is not yet ready to take on passengers, the Liberty Belle is ready to set sail again because she is back on the water!

The new and improved Liberty Belle features a brand new smokestack for her steam engine that turns the paddles that make the boat move forward on her journey.  The 47-foot tall Liberty Belle features four decks (that’s floors for you landlubbers).  These include the Pilothouse, which is the uppermost deck where the wheelhouse and Captain’s Quarters are located.  The third deck is the Promenade Deck where there is a collection of vintage photographs and maps on display for guests to view.  The Texas Deck, also known as the Sun Deck, is the second deck and open to the Florida sunshine.  The bottom deck is the Main Deck and includes the boiler and pistons that run the paddle wheel.  There is seating located on all four decks.

If you have never taken a cruise on the Liberty Belle, you are probably wondering why guests would want to go for a ride.  The journey on the Liberty Belle is seventeen minutes long and features some unique views of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, and The Haunted Mansion.  Guests can also get a view of Harper’s Mill, Fort Langhorn, and Wilson’s Cave Inn on Tom Sawyer Island.  To add to the journey, there are also scenes set up along the riverbank so guests can see woodland animals, an example of an early American settlement, and a Native American settlement.  The Liberty Belle does not yet have a reopening date, but it sure is nice to see her back on the water!

What do you think?  Are you excited for the return of the Liberty Belle?  Let us know in the comments below!

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