LEGO Ideas: Main Street U.S.A. Train Station LEGO Project

If you haven’t heard about the LEGO Ideas page, it’s a really fun site to check out. It is a community where fans can submit their ideas, like this amazing Main Street U.S.A. Train Station LEGO Project. Sometimes these ideas can even become a reality like the Steamboat Willie LEGO set we all fell in love with earlier this year.

After seeing the very cool Haunted Mansion LEGO project last month, I’ve become totally addicted to searching the site for cool Disney inspired ideas. There are lots of amazing fan submitted projects, and there are many I hope we one day see become a reality, like the Main Street Train Station.

Main Street U.S.A. Train Station LEGO

The train station on Main Street U.S.A. is one of the first things we notice when entering the Magic Kingdom. It has long been a welcoming entry way for people who call the Disney Parks, home. This set is meant to capture the striking visual aspect and the wonder of the Train Station in Lego form.

Main Street U.S.A. Train Station LEGO

The station is fully three dimensional, and has 360° of gorgeously detailed views. The train station itself measures about 24 inches by 6 inches.

The Main Street Train Station LEGO project comes complete with a built in motor and IR capability. An engine, coal car, and two passenger cars make up the train measuring about 29 inches. I love how there is even a puff of LEGO “smoke” coming from the smoke stack!

Main Street U.S.A. Train Station LEGO

What is great about the Main Street Train Station LEGO Project is that it would appeal to Disney fans, and train collectors alike! Can you imagine setting up a full circular track for this, and having it go around the incredible 4,000 piece Disney Castle LEGO set?

What do you think of the fan submitted ideas to LEGO Ideas, do you hope we see more of these awesome fan inspired projects become real sets?

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