Learn How To Make Granny’s Apple Fries From Legoland!

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Granny's Apple Fries

Are you missing those delicious Granny’s Apple Fries from Legoland? Don’t worry anymore because we have a recipe so you can make them at home!

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A great treat that combines the tart flavor of apples with the sweetness of cinnamon and sugar, plus you can pair them with whipped cream or ice cream.

Learn how to make them a home with easy recipe:



  • 1 quart of canola oil
  • 1 granny smith apple
  • 1/2 cup of cornstarch
  • 1/2 oz of cinnamon sugar
Granny's Apple Fries


  • In a deep, heavy pot, heat the canola oil to 350F.
  • Peel and core Granny Smith apple and cut into 1/4 inch french fry shaped slices.
  • Place the apple fries into a mixing bowl, add the cornstarch, toss gently and fully coat fries with cornstarch, ensuring an even later covers each fry.
  • Slowly place fries into oil to avoid burns and allow to cook for 30 seconds. Gently agitate fries around to ensure an even cook and reduce sticking. Finish cooking for an additional 2 minutes. Once finished cooking, remove fries from oil, shake off excess oil and place into a clean mixing bowl.
  • Immediately dust fries with the cinnamon sugar, ensuring fries are fully coated. Serve fresh with whipped cream and caramel or ice cream!


Credit: Today.com / SimplySideDishes

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