Learn How to Draw Baby Yoda!

Truly adorable Baby Yoda is, and now you can learn how to draw him! 


Nothing can put a smile on your face like Baby Yoda can, right? Well, Outschool now has a class to teach you to draw ‘the child’ yourself! 


This is a one time, 45-minute class where students meet with the teacher in a video chat session! The class size ranges from 1-18 people and the recommended age range is from 8-13 (but age is just a number right?) There are multiple sessions taking place from Saturday, April 4th through Friday, April 10th, for $17 per learner. Seats are filling up but there are still some spots available, so sign up and enhance your drawing skills


If you’re nervous about drawing just remember, do or do not, there is no try! (And may the force be with you.) 


Sign up for the class here 

Credit: Outschool

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Krista L