Kevin Costner Heading Back to Sports for Disney Drama ‘McFarland’

After crafting some of the greatest sports dramas in cinema history, Kevin Costner is heading back into athletic territory with Disney. However, rather returning to the baseball diamond, The Hollywood Reporter reports Costner is getting caught up with a different sport in a film that only the House of Mouse, responsible for melodramatic but fantastic gems like Remember the Titans and Miracle, can deliver. McFarland will tell the story of a coach living in the titular predominantly Hispanic California town back in the 1980’s where he builds a high school track team who must face adversity and various other obstacles to become champions.

Costner is playing the coach, and will act as the big name and anchor for the cast that will likely have a lot of unknown names otherwise. It’s a small film for Disney coming in around $17 million for the budget with Whale Rider and North Country director Niki Caro at the helm. Miracle producers Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray (who also worked on Invincible and Secretariat) are behind the film as well, and it sounds like the making of a film that Disney doesn’t make too often anymore. Getting Costner, who has sports drama in his blood, involved is a smart move as the actor seems to be back on the rise lately on the big screen

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