A Closer Look at the San Diego Comic-Con ‘Frankenweenie’ Panel

For those who weren’t able to attend this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, they may have missed out on the Walt Disney Studios panel, which you can read a recap about here. The first film that Disney presented us with was ‘Frankenweenie’, a project Tim Burton has been wanting to make since he started with the company. The film is based on his live action short film of the same name, something he did early on in his career at Disney. It’s taken him almost thirty years to finally see this movie get made, and let me tell you, the wait will be worth it. Burton has pulled out all the stops for this one, and I am greatly looking forward to it. Hit the jump to read a recap of the footage we saw, and watch the Q&A with Tim Burton from the panel. ‘Frankenweenie’ will be released October 5, 2012.

The Panel began with a look at the highly anticipated Tim Burton film, ‘Frankenweenie‘. We were shown the newest trailer of the film, which was a throwback to the vintage 1950′s horror movies, and it absolutely blewthe roof off of Hall H. It really gave us a great look at what exactly the tone of the movie is, and also introducing us to many of the characters in the movie. For a long time now, I’d really known very little of the story other then anything we’d seen in the trailers, so it was nice to really have that expanded on. The footage really shows what the core of the story is, which finds Victor trying to undo all the problems his classmates bring his town once they discover how to bring things back to life, as he did with his dog Sparky. It really looks like solid and goofy Tim Burton fun, and this trailer has been the best representation of what to expect from the movie so far, and my excitement is ten fold what it was before.

We were then presented two clips from the movie, one taking place in Victor’s school, and the other being a “Monster making” moment. The first scene featured Mr. Rzykruski, Victor’s teacher, as he gives the most over the top explanation of what happens to someone when they get hit by lightning. It leads all the kids in class to begin discussing just how lightning comes to be, featuring some funny and strange explanations, including graveyards and windmills. The second scene featured Victor explaining the science of bringing pets back to life to his friend Edgar, who doesn’t seem to be one who can be trusted. Edgar is obsessed with this new science, and wants to test it right away, so he goes and buys a goldfish, forcing Victor to show him how it works. It was a funny little scene, but it shows that not everyone in the movie is to be trusted.

The scenes were followed by a small Q&A by Tim Burton, which I’ve found and embedded for you below. Enjoy! Thanks to Inside the Magic for letting us use their footage.

Also below, I’ve embedded the original short film so you guys can see it.


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