Keeping Your Cell Charged in the Disney Parks

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All it takes is a dip below the 50% marker on my battery life indicator and I am hunting for a spot to charge my phone.  In an age of EVERYTHING being at the tip of your fingers, it is important to have a fully charged phone while you’re in the parks–from keeping track with your family to utilizing the best Disney World apps out there, it can be hard when you are living it up in the parks.  Between posting pictures on Instagram and updating my status as I go, I know how quickly your phone can go when you are using it frequently.  Today I’m sharing some tips with you that will help you to get a life and keep your cell charged in the parks!

Check your settings!

A few quick and easy setting changes on your phone can help keep your battery from draining dry.  Here 5 quick and easy quick ideas (keep in mind I have an iPhone 5 so I’m going off of my settings, but I’m sure other phones are comparable).  Check your phone manual (or Google) for more battery saving suggestions):

  • turn off wi-fi
  • turn off location services
  • turn off 3G/4G
  • turn on auto brightness
  • turn off Bluetooth services

Find a Spot to plug in!

Okay so, I would like to publicly say that I was the first person to think up a charging spot in the parks.  I’d like to take all the credit for the Tangled Restroom Area phone charging stations.  That was me…(okay, so probably not me and instead some really well paid imagineer).  But for the record, I did say (about 4 years ago–thank you very much) that there should be a quick charge spot in the Future World Area of EPCOT where you could put your phone on a tray or something and charge it to 100% in like 60 seconds.  IF that becomes a reality, I want a portion of the profits or at the very least a room in Cinderella Castle.

If you are still with me…anyone…Bueller…

And, if you are all like “what?  Tangled phone charging stations who?”  Then my friends, let me let you in on a not so secret, secret.  There is a free to use phone charging area at the Tangled Restroom area in the Magic Kingdom.  You’ll find fake log posts fully equipped with USB and AC electric plug outlets.  Make sure to do is bring your phone’s wall charging cord with you and boom, you’ve got a festive spot to sit and charge for a while.  Take a break or plug up for a 5 minute refresher charge while your friends and family hit the restrooms.  Here’s a shot of the area and the faux logs

Ashley phone fall 2013 680

Ashley phone fall 2013 682

Ashley phone fall 2013 681


I’ll admit to you and ONLY you a teensy confession.  In the past, I have charged my phone in non-designated areas.  I’m ashamed… But in my defense, I needed my phone!

I’ve charged in Bruce’s Shark World…I’ve charged (outside of) the Country Bear Jamboree

iphonepicturesmarch2013-july2013 469

Basically, I’ve charged lots of places, HOWEVER…

Now that there’s a designated area, I use that.  Remember these things should you need a quick charge….

1. Safety first:  This means I don’t put myself or others in harm (i.e., don’t charge in the middle of a busy area, don’t unplug anything, don’t move anything to get to the charger)

2. Be considerate:  I find a place with a plug that is out of the way of other and allows me to sit with my phone.  This might mean finding a table next to an outlet or finding a spot near a bench with a plug.

3. Open plugs only: If there’s a safety cover on the plug I pass it by.  There are plenty of “regular” plugs just waiting to be used.

4. When in doubt, ask a cast member: I asked in Innoventions and the cast member directed me to a plug right next to a bench!  Perfect!


*disclaimer: when in doubt, ask or wait to charge.  I’m not encouraging bad manners!


Buy an External Battery or Charger Pack

When in doubt, purchasing an external battery might be a good idea.  They make external batteries and charging packs in loads of varieties.  There are battery packs that you charge independently and the plug your phone up to via USB, charger packs opperated by AA batteries, and even solar power packs.  If you forget to buy one, leave yours at home, or realize that the stop and go of charging your phone is too much, you can pick up a AA battery powered pack (that includes the starter batteries) for under $20 throughout the parks.  The only downside to these (speaking from experience) is the AA batteries have to be replaced often which really starts to add up.

So, what did you think?  I hope these tips will keep your cell charged in the parks.  That way you’ll be able to check in on your favorite Facebook page–Chip and Co. , hashtag your pics into an oblivion on Instagram, tweet your thoughts on the crowds, stake your claim on the parks on Foursquare, and catch up on all those work emails…on second thoughts….

Time for sharing!  In 140 characters or less (jk), what are your best battery saving tips?  Share them below!

As always, thanks for reading and commenting!

See ya real soon,




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10 thoughts on “Keeping Your Cell Charged in the Disney Parks

  1. I personally think if Disney is putting everything on their “my disney experience” and expecting us to use the app in the parks then they need to provide more charging stations. I told them so in the little survey they sent after our last trip. I personally would like to see them tableside at restaurants… seems like the perfect time to charge.

  2. I turn off every APP I have. Also, DisneyLAND changed about a dozen lockers into charging stations. For $2 an hour, you can leave your phone, go ride something or have lunch and ccome back to get your phone. As you are stepping over the people sitting on the floor of the entryway charging their phones.

  3. We bought external litium battery charger cases from ebay before our trip. They were $22 each and were lifesavers because my phone would run out of charge half way through the day from using it so much. ItI was constantly using my phone as a camera, for calls and texting, and continually checking the Disney app for wait times, checking and changing fastpass+ reservations, maps, menus, etc.

  4. Usually I’ve found that Big Lots will have a good price on AA & AAA rechargeable batteries. They may be last years model or such, but Ni-cads don’t really have a shelf life like the alkalines. Also when you buy rechargeable batteries look for their “capacity” it will be something like 2200 mah or such. The higher the number, the more “capacity” the rechargeable stores. I’ve seen them as high at 2600 mah which is what we’ve used in Walkie talkies.

  5. I know this may not be the most popular idea… but I bring my tablet with me in my backpack or purse and use that to charge my phone. I am bad with charging because I will wait until I have 6-15% before charging my phone. I agree with the Rechargeable battery idea. I use them at home all the time. Hope this helps… thanks for the ideas of the charging stations around Disney !!!

  6. The AA Battery chargers are great and the easiest way to save on the Batteries is to do what I do for my Daughter’s Innotab which needs replacements every other day, Rechargeable Batteries. I try and buy a new pack of them when I catch them on sale and just keep them fully charged at all times. If your using a AA charger for your phone just keep several in your bag to switch em out as needed and than charge them when You get back to your room at night!!

  7. I was there in August and could not find a spot to charge at all. Or if I did find one they were all being used. The year before in Epcot at the Food and Wine Chase Bank had a courtesy room that had alot of charging areas.

  8. great article.When at the park,my phone also double as the camera since my camera on my phone is now better quality than my actual camera! I find that half way into the day, my phone is almost dead! Thanks for the tips!

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