Josh D’Amaro sends a Message to 2020 Graduates

Josh D’Amaro

The President of Walt Disney World Resort, Josh D’Amaro, released a special message today while standing in front of Cinderella Castle.

He congratulates all Central Florida graduates of 2020. Josh acknowledges how there is nothing traditional about this year’s graduation or this year in general. He continues to deliver an inspiring message to this year’s graduates by embracing how we are all unique ourselves.

You can watch Josh D’Amaro deliver his message to 2020 graduates below.

Being unique is what allows so many of us to grow and flourish as individuals. Each person possesses special gifts and skills to offer. The class of 2020 represents a future of new ideas and stories. This year’s graduates will share their creativity with the world and help forge a new future.

John D’Amaro reminds graduates that we are celebrating their achievements. He wishes them luck as they journey into the next chapter of their lives. At Disney, everything they do is grounded in storytelling and these stories have the power to reshape the way we think about things. Storytelling has the power to inspire us and make the world a better place. Josh gives praise to the teachers, families, and friends who helped shape the graduating class of 2020.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!!

Source: Disney

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