John C. Reilly Talks About Wreck-It-Ralph 2!


Shortly after “Wreck-It-Ralph” opened in 2012 to amazing reviews and financial success, rumors of a sequel started surfacing. Nothing has ever been officially confirmed by Disney that a sequal is in the works, but us fans can dream.

In a recent interview with ColliderJohn C. Reilly, who voiced Ralph, talked about a “Wreck-It-Ralph 2“, saying,

“Well, we’re making another one,” adding “we’re working on it,” and that “[animated features] take a long time to make.”

This is incredibly exciting news that there could be one under development already! A sequel also seems very possible, as “Wreck-It-Ralph” grossed $189.4 million in the domestic box office, making it Walt Disney Animation Studio’s fifth highest grossing film of all time.

Rich Moore, who directed the film, also recently directed “Zootopia“, which has also been a huge success and has made $332 million domestically. I’m sure we are likely to see more Disney animated films from Rich Moore.

Do you think we will get a “Wreck-It-Ralp 2”? And possibly get introduced to more video game worlds?

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