Joffrey’s Coffee Now Printing Your Favorite Disney Characters on Donuts

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Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea has our hearts. And great coffee. And humongous donuts. There’s no wonder it’s a must-visit spot on any trip to Walt Disney World. The Disney Springs location keeps upping the game though. Their latest item, as announced on Instagram, does not only sound delicious but is aesthetically pleasing too!

Special only to the Disney Springs location is a new kind of Boston Cream donut. We have to assume they’re huge, but what makes them stand out is the fact that you’ll be able to get yours with printed coffee art on it. With Christmas designs or Disney characters to choose from, there are lots of options that will make your choice a difficult one! These would go perfect with a Joffrey’s latte topped with coffee art. Why not get a Mickey-topped coffee and a Minnie-topped donut? Instagram has been waiting for this duo!

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Joffrey’s has been serving up printed coffees since 2017. A special ”ripple maker” machine uses coffee dust toner to print images on top of the foam of a beverage. You can get Disney characters, Joffrey’s logo, and even your own face if you use the ripples app. 

Available in limited quantities daily, these donuts won’t last long! So be sure to head over to Joffrey’s on your next Disney Springs run and ask a barista for details. Honestly, we can’t wait to try them!

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