Jack Jack Cookie Num Num return to Hollywood Studios

Jack Jack Cookie Num Num

This is not a drill!  I repeat this is not a drill. Jack Jack’s Num Num cookies have returned to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you’re seeking a sweet bakery treat, then you’ll want to hunt down this incredible cookie!

It really feels more like a deep-dish style cookie with its enormous size. The cookie is obviously based on Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookies from The Incredibles. But once you take a bite of this treat, you will see why Baby Jack-Jack gobbles them down so fast! It’s a delightful chocolate chip cookie rich in sweetness and texture.

The Num Num Cookie costs $5.79 and can be found at the Joffrey’s Coffee kiosk near One Man’s Dream.

These delicious cookies made their debut two years ago, but they’re still a huge hit. They are a huge warm, crunchy, yet gooey cookie that can not be missed! You must try them at Disney Parks!

We hope you try out this delicious cookie on your next visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios! The holidays are almost here, so now is the perfect time to enjoy Num Num Cookies.

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Kevin Koszola