Is Disney Considering adding nightly resort guest fees?

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Disney is considering adding a nightly resort fee to its hotels according to an email survey being sent to guests after staying at Walt Disney World.

In this survey it mentions a possible $15 per night resort fee that would cover all the presently free items such as:

  • Disney’s Magical Express
  • Fastpasses+
  • MagicBands
  • Various Resort Entertainment
  • WiFi
  • Extra Magic Hours
  • and parking at the resort/parks.

This fee would be on top of the current per nightly hotel rate.

Keep in mind most other resorts charge resort fees already, except for Disney. Many of Disney Springs Hotels which are not owned by Disney have a resort fee anywhere from $20 to $25.

So far this is just a survey and doesn’t mean we will see a resort fee on our next Disney World Resort bill. So chalk this up to gossip for now!

What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below.

h/t WDWMagic

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Is Disney Considering adding nightly resort guest fees?

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Is Disney Considering adding nightly resort guest fees? Is Disney Considering adding nightly resort guest fees? Is Disney Considering adding nightly resort guest fees? Is Disney Considering adding nightly resort guest fees? Is Disney Considering adding nightly resort guest fees? Is Disney Considering adding nightly resort guest fees?
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27 thoughts on “Is Disney Considering adding nightly resort guest fees?

  1. So who pays for the Monorail and boat from the TTC to MK then? What about the boat from Epcot to the Studios? I can take ANY mode off transport from anywhere on Disney property and don’t need to be staying on Disney property. I’ve never, ever been asked for a resort ID to be able to take a bus, boat, monorail or any mode of transport.

  2. Bus transportation is provided to resort Guests by that resort, not the parks. They contract with WDW Transport for whatever level of bus service they want to provide Guests. It does vary from resort to resort.

  3. How do you know what Walt Disney would have done? Did you know him? Are you in communication with him most evenings? One thing we all know about Mr D is that he was a business man. He would have done whatever it took to make the next mighty dollar. And no, he’s not turning in his grave.

  4. You know if Walt Disney were alive he would never have gone outside the US. He did not want to make it unaffordable to go . This is all on the people that have run it since opening that farce in Paris. They had to sell majority on that. Since then Walt Disney World is the last to get anything done. Now they are working on making it better. But at what cost? Do you know all the cut-backs that have happened since Shanghai has gone over budget? And they keep raising the prices of everything. I don’t know where you are from. But it would cost just as much to get to where you are from.

  5. That’s right. You in the States have to suffer for it. You do realise there’s a big wide world outside the US right? I have to pay $1500 EACH just for a flight before anything else. But you keep thinking that it’s just “we in the states have to suffer”. Jeez

  6. We all know the survey is just a PR stunt to show that Disney “cares” about their guests. The decision has already been made.

  7. Single Mom here, who struggles to put together a WDW trip every other year. We have 2 trips left before college. I’m glad. With price hikes every year and now maybe this. Whew.

  8. If I don’t stay in a Disney hotel I can still use Disney transportation since it’s part of the ticket price. Are they going to start charging for the ride from the TTC to the MK or the Monorail from MK to Epcot?

  9. Just raise prices by $15.00 a night. Or better yet, don’t do anything and acknowledge that those sorts of fees have always been built into the cost of staying at a Disney resort. It’s no secret that you can get much more plush accommodations for the same price per night off property. I am willing to pay their prices because of all the extra things like free transportation, free parking and extra magic hours.

  10. And we already pay for Disney’s Magical Express, Fastpasses, MagicBands, Various Resort Entertainment, WiFi, Extra Magic Hours, and parking at the resort/parks whenever we pay for a one-or-more night stay, in one of their rooms. Just because we “already” pay for it does not mean Disney won’t back out the price and decide to charge us for it separately. Transportation might very well be next.

  11. I hate this idea. It’s tasteless and tacky. Disney may raise the price of the rooms, if they need more money from guests to cover expenses. That’s fine. But to tack on a resort fee, one that is not optional and may not be waived, makes me believe that resort is trying to pull the wool over my eyes. It give the appearance of a lower cost, when it’s nothing of the sort. I loathe the practice. I like for a business to charge one straightforward price and to not require customers/guests to jump through hoops to deduce the cost. I’ve always respected that Disney does not do that. I hope the company does not change their standard operating procedure on this one. I will lose some respect for the company, if they do.

  12. They are making it harder for the middle class to go regularly anymore. It’s about at the limit I say I can’t go anymore. My pay doesn’t increase like Disney’s twice a year price hike. They are eliminating perks. They have had a lot of cut-backs at the parks mainly because of an overseas park that is over budget. So we in the states have to suffer because of it. I used to be one of Disney Worlds biggest fans. But they are ruining it for future generations

  13. I went through the tour and all. Sat down to a no hassle pitch. I asked questions. We did not buy. There is no incentive to own a piece of paper. You never own a time share. They say you have a deed but you actually don’t own anything. DVC is not worth the money.

  14. I agree. I’m already regretting becoming a DVC member. I have yet to see any real “perks”. Nothing is ever “free” for us, we don’t get good discounts (whopping 10% on some stuff), and we don’t get housekeeping unless we pay extra for it. Like I really want to clean our hotel room and bathroom and do laundry daily. Sure, sometimes we get a bonus by having a kitchenette, but who wants to do dishes and pay exorbitant fees for groceries? I already pay MONTHLY dues – I would hope DVC members won’t have to pay even more…

  15. This is silly. We’re already paying for this stuff. You just don’t see it laid out in front of you because it’s considered part of the “room” fee, etc. Nothing in life is free and it cracks me up when they say it’s “complimentary.” No, you just want me to believe it is, but I know better. Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney and will continue to go, even with elevated prices, but I don’t like the idea of them thinking they are pulling the wool over my eyes. Just be up front about it to begin with. But I don’t like the idea of paying for, or contributing to, Magical Express since I don’t use it. They know who is using that service and who isn’t. They should only charge those who use it.

  16. If they do this, I will have to reconsider staying on property. We pay the higher room fees to get the perks listed, otherwise it is cheaper to stay off property and pay for what I use. As I always drive (don’t use magical express), have a wireless hot-spot, and don’t need more magical bands, the whole reason I’m staying in a Disney hotel is for the early park admission and free parking. What’s next? Charging for the WDW transportation?

  17. I really dislike “resort fees”, many of which are mandated. Guests staying on property are already paying a bit of a premium to stay on the property in the first place and this nickel/diming stuff just wears on people’s nerves. Look, hotels should provide free WI-FI now, period. Disney has been providing “Magical Express” for free as a perk/incentive to stay on their property and use their services. With all the things Disney is rumoring to charge for, it makes things sound a bit less magical and a lot more greedy.

  18. As a travel agent I have to explain this to clients all the time for Las Vegas and Hawaii. They hate it and I hate telling them “by the way, now that you’ve paid me they’re going to charge you again at the hotel for things you don’t use”. Just charge people for what they use and not those who don’t. It’s pretty simple. Takes the shine off of Disney for sure and it’s not necessary. People will pay for what they need so let those people do it. It’s one of my biggest pet peaves! Don’t do it Disney – stay magical!! ?

  19. Was there really any benefit to being a DVC member? You don’t get “free” dining offers either and it’s only good for 50 years. My family goes every year and I refuse to become a DVC member. Mainly because eventually we want to purchase a home in the area but also, I really don’t see the upside. You can buy into a regular timeshare and do the same things and own it out right.

  20. I agree to charge more for the room with no fee. This would make the most sense with the least amount of noise. Charging another fee is off-putting, charging more is expected.

  21. Little by little DVC members are losing all the perks we had when we bought into the Disney Dream. To add a nightly fee onto the thousands we paid for our DVC membership is insulting. We don’t even get a slide on their new park ticket pricing. Florida residents get annual passes and can go to every park every day for $600+ a year and I have to pay $248 to go one day to a park with my wife. 17 years into this “membership” and the dream is turning into a nightmare!

  22. If you want more money, just charge it up front! Resort fees are silly, especially when you don’t even use or have a choice to use the amenities they provide.

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