Is Disney working on Incredibles 2?



Hiya!! Well I am back again. I have been a busy little bee this week. Could someone please tell Chippy to get off my back and he will get the gossip when I give it to him! So I have some more juicy gossip for you. It has recently been brought to my attention that The Incredibles will be getting a sequel.

Sources say that Bob Iger had said this at the last investors meeting. Apparently it is in the works right now, as I type this!

Brad Bird will still be the director. Even though I heard he had second thoughts about it. Samuel Jackson has also said that he will be back on the sequel of the film. He may have a larger role this time.

Are you wondering what the plot might be? Of course you are! A little birdie told me that this time around Mr. Incredible will be at odds with Frozone. Since they saved the city together, Frozone got jealous of Mr. Incredible’s popularity and decides to compete with him for the best superhero title.

I have heard nothing about a release date yet!


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