In Store True Original Mickey Ice Cream Bar Review

Unless you’ve been hiding lately, I’m sure you’ve heard about the new Mickey ice cream bars you can now pick up in select grocery stores. Being that they are my favorite Disney Park treat, I couldn’t resist the chance to buy a box and do a Mickey Ice Cream Bar Review! I’m really taking one for the team here, right?

At my local Publix these beautiful blue boxes filled an entire end cap case all by themselves! Honestly if I had the freezer space, I might have gotten them all myself anyways. You know you’re thinking about it too.

First I would like to note that the price of the Mickey Ice Cream Bars vary depending on location! My store had them for the highest I’ve seen reported at $8.19, but I’ve had people tell me they’ve found them for closer to $6 in their area. So be prepared to shell out more or less depending on where you live.

The box comes with six ice cream bars, and each one comes individually wrapped in a plain white wrapper. I dd have a couple of cracked ones, so I would be careful not to shake the box around too much. Taking them out of the wrapper was really kind of magical. They look so much like the beloved Mickey bars! They are a bit smaller, but hey everything feels bigger at Disney anyways.

Taste Test Verdict: OH EM GEE DELICIOUS! The ice cream tastes and feels almost exactly the same as our delicious treat from the parks. The chocolate is where the differences lay though, it’s a very tasty chocolate, just not exactly the same taste as the original. The chocolate is a bit softer, so you don’t have that Klondike bar like crunch when you sink your teeth into it, but the chocolate doesn’t shatter as much so it’s less messy at the same time.

They are slightly smaller than the original, but as you can see they are still a really good at home snack size!

I really enjoyed this yummy park treat at home. It really did taste very close to the original we all know and love so well! I wasn’t really expecting it to taste anywhere near as close to my favorite park snack, but it sure came close. I plan to buy more very soon.

The best part is, I didn’t have to take a vacation to Disney to get one, and I was able to enjoy them in my own backyard with my family.

A fun side note, while I was outside photographing these marvelous delights a neighbor’s dog from a few houses down ran out of nowhere and snapped a bite of one of our Mickey bars! That must be how delicious they are!

I hope you enjoyed my Mickey Ice Cream Bar Review, it was such hard work (kidding) tasting all of these delicious treats! You can find them at select grocery stores around the United States, I found mine at the Publix in Dania Beach, FL. Let us know where you find yours!

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