Igloo Pledges Profits To CDC Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Fund

Igloo has announced they will be donating 100% profits from all Playmate coolers sold on Igloocoolers.com to the CDC Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund! Igloo Pledges Profits over the course of the next 30 days, will donate to the on-going efforts of the CDC during the Covid-19 crisis.

“As a proud American manufacturer, we want to do our part to unify our country behind the collective efforts to fight the spread of the Coronavirus.  We support our national community of tireless health care workers on the front lines working through this time of uncertainty,” stated Dave Allen, Igloo President & CEO. “Donating 100% of profits from the sales of Playmate coolers on igloocoolers.com is not only going to deliver needed resources to the CDC Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Fund, but also symbolizes American manufacturing persevering in the toughest of times.”

The CDC Foundation is a catalyst of unleashing the power of collaboration between the CDC, philanthropies, private entities and individuals to protect the health, safety and security of America and the world.

Currently Igloo offers a wide range of Disney Playmate Coolers. If you were looking to get one soon, now you’ll also be helping a greater cause!

We’re proud of Igloo for supporting our national community of health care workers during this time!

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