I love this Disney site – The Magical Blogorail!

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One of the sites that I have taken quite a liking to is the site “The Magical Blogorail”.  This site started back in November when a group of Disney bloggers, under the guidance of my friend Beth, decided to take the plunge and start a “loop” about a specific topic related to Disney.  The idea was born based on the blog carnivals you see out on the Internet.  The incredible thing is that since that first post back in November by the Magical Blogorail Blue Loop, they have now included a red loop, a green loop, a yellow loop, and an orange loop!  I am excited about the Blogorail in part because I was fortunate enough to be added to the red loop when it started back in February 18th.

All of us that write for the Blogorail have a love for Disney, and of course, we all have a blog as well, so bringing us all together under a common theme each month has generated a ton of traffic to our sites!  I did a Google search today for the keywords “Disney Blogs”, and Google told me that there were about 90,900,000 results!  To this day, it humbles me to know that out of all of those results, there are people out on the Internet that come to my site and read the information that I have to share about my family’s love for our Disney vacations!

The Magical Blogorail site is a starting point to your exploration of the bloggers that make up the various loops for the Blogorail.  You will find pages dedicated to each loop, and within that you will find links to each of the blogs that make up the loop’s members.

I am convinced that there are two reasons why the number of visitors to my site has increased as much as it has.  The first is because Chip agreed to let this newbie writer ply his trade on ChipandCo.com.  The second reason is – without a doubt – because of Beth and her decision to include me in the Magical Blogorail Red Loop.

The more that I write about Disney, the more I learn that there are thousands of great people that share my passion for Disney out in the world, and I thank each and every one of you for sharing some of your knowledge and love of Disney with me, because it has helped to make me a better writer.  If you haven’t checked out the Magical Blogorail before, please go check it out today!  It will open you up to a great set of bloggers who have a wealth of Disney knowledge to share with you!

For more information about The Magical Blogorail, check them out on their website, follow them via Twitter, and check out their Facebook page!  As always, thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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