1. 11

    Ernestine Castillo

    I would love to win a bike for my special needs. Daughter she would love it

  2. 10

    Tony Conner

    What nice looking bikes.

  3. 9


    I want one sooooo bad…. I love these new bikes! They are so cool 🙂

  4. 8

    Christine Custance Blair

    I just LOVE these new bikes! Are they going to be made available to the public to buy or are they special edition just to be in this give a way?

  5. 7

    Christina C

    These look soooooo cute!!!!

  6. 6


    HOW adorable?!?! I love the detail on the tires!!! Magical!

  7. 5

    Michelle Marshall Kintsche

    This bike looks awesome. I would love to win this bike.

  8. 4

    Aylin Barrios

    I have antered and I WANT to win this! I love it !

  9. 3


    Entered and hoping to win this!

  10. 2

    Sharon Rhodes

    I Love these!!!!!!

  11. 1

    Christina Struck

    OOOH!! I so want one of these!!!

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