How Wall-e is one of Disney’s greatest love stories.


So my daughter gets up this morning and wants to watch Wall-e for the thousand time. After a few times I don’t really pay attention to the movies anymore but this morning was a little different. I was getting dressed and listening to the movie play and I thought to myself how it is one of the greatest love stories Pixar/Disney ever released…

First off the first 30 mins of the movie there is not much talking at all. So you child can watch Wall-e interact with his surroundings and get familiar with the plot. I love how the billboards tell you what happened to the human race and where everyone went. It is funny and cute all rolled into one.

When Eve lands on earth that is when the true love story begins, which is one of the greatest I have seen Pixar write. He gives his love to Eve unconditionally and continues to watch over her and protect her with no thought to himself.

On board the ship the plot thickens and unfolds and without giving away to much of the story line Wall-e gets hurt and it is Eve’s turn to save him. In the end Eve comes around and shares his love with him but it is to late..?

The soundtrack for the movie is great, the classics never go out of style. I only wish that maybe some more music could have been added or a funny scene with all the robots working together in a song. The song while the credits are rolling my daughter just loves to run around and sing “Were going do to the ground”. Peter Gabriel is a great and often overlooked musician.

The cast for the movie includes Jeff Garlin, Sigourney Weaver, and Kathy Najimy round out some very funny actors.

Overall the movie as a whole has self sacrificing love, comedy, good music,  and a great story line. If you haven’t seen it I would recommended picking it up or watching it on Netflix right now (It’s a Watch Instantly Movie Right now). Doesn’t matter if your young or old this movie does not disappoint, and is a classic love story for the ages.

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