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    Myria Johnson

    What I meant by ‘eat that way’ was I am more of a 5-6 small meals a day person. I have enjoyed many Disney restaurants but as my family is DVC members we usually have access to a full kitchen where we prepare some of our own meals.

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    Thank you Carrie for helping me with my dining plan questions :). Your article helped alot.

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    This worked for us as well. We had free QS dining for October but planned a meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table for the girls. For the cost of that meal, we were able to upgrade to the Regular Dining Plan and get an additional four TS meals too. It sure can be a deal at times!

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    Jennifer McGill Carr

    In defense of those of us that may do that (yes, I am most likely going to do that), the majority of “kids” meals are typical kid fare. Nuggets and such. First of all, I don’t really want them eating that all week. Second, I’m not sure they want to eat that all week. We’ll see when we get there if there is enough variety that I’m fine with a kids meal, but also, I can get one adult meal and split it between 2 kids. Or I can order 2 kids meals and then throw away 1/4 of each meal. Seems silly.

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    We will be at Disney World for 3 weeks in November. The week of Thanksgiving, we are being joined by our daughter’s family….there will be a total of 7 for that week, all on the DDP. I found that since we planned to attend two dinner shows and 3 character meals, it was a better deal to buy the DDP and use our TS credits for those events! We still have the CS and Snacks, too. I think this will work great for us!

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    I know. Some CMs will allow you to order from either child or adult. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney did more tracking of meals because a lot of people cheat the system, sadly, and order all adult meals for children in the party.

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    Correct. You don’t give them four KTTW cards. You give them one, and as long as the person who is connected to the card is 3 and up, they’ll be deducted appropriately.

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    Are QS credits designated as Child and Adult like TS credits or are they all lumped together? Reason I ask is last trip at Pinocchio Haus the CM told my daughter who is on a child ticket that she could go ahead and order the Chicken Parmesan that she wanted instead of something on the children’s menu, even after I explained that we were on the DDP. We didn’t have a problem with running out of Adult QS credits the rest of the trip like I feared.

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    We don’t usually eat too crazy either but found that the DDP was perfect for us. Most of our table meals were character meals. Yes, that usually means buffets but we opted for the salad bar and grilled options. We were on our last day and had about 9 snacks left. So, we went to one of the stores on Main Street and bought the Mickey shaped rice krispy treats to take home as souvenirs for friends/family. It was great and everyone appreciated the gesture – did they know why they got those as gifts??? No! 🙂

    We also had some quick service meals left so we went to our resort and had them box up dinners for the drive home. It was perfect! We stopped about 3 hours into the ride and the kids enjoyed one last taste of Disney.

    We did the DDP because it was free during our visit but honestly, it was so convenient and I will be doing again on our next trip. I wouldn’t rule it out just because ‘you don’t eat that way’. There are plenty of restaurants where you can make healthy choices and not have to worry about the waistline. We didn’t plan more than one table service meal per day. We ate light meals in the morning and for lunch and then saved our TS meal for dinner. I know others use the TS meal for lunch and eat a light dinner. One other thought is to get one QS meal and split it between 2 people….we did that a few times and it worked well for us!

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    Jennifer McGill Carr

    So the “children’s” meals and “adult” meals are not separate? We are going in a week and staying for 9 nights with our 2 children. There are just 36 QS meal credits on each card that will be deducted as we use them? So, I could go and order dinner for everyone while hubby takes the kids to the bathroom to wash up and I wouldn’t need each person’s card? I could just hand them mine and 4 QS meals would be deducted from our total family amount of 36?

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    I find that you can easily plan out your meals and stay healthy. There are some great websites that share current Disney menus at most if not all the restaurants. You can also use up your credits for the trip home, too.

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    Myria Johnson

    I have looked at the Dining Plan before and I know that it is not for me because I just don’t eat that way. However, I have a question for those who use it. Do you ever feel like you overeat in order to use all your credits? Or is it easy to plan out all the meals and still eat healthy?

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