Help Sign The “Keep The Disney PhotoPass Cast Members” Petition!

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As you probably have seen already, automated cameras have been taking over Walt Disney World in the last few months.

Disney decided to replace PhotoPass Cast Members at certain Meet&Greet locations with automated camera boxes.

The guests respond to these changes hasn’t being positive at all, and honestly we are not surprised, the new technology lacks of magic.

While improvements and technology can be great in so many aspects around Disney Parks like enhancing rides and shows, as well as increasing efficiency, removing Cast Members however was not a good move at all.

PhotoPass Cast Members play such a key part giving you the best experience possible when you get to meet your favorite Disney characters. Capturing those special memories from different angles and putting their own touch of magic to those pictures that guests would treasure forever.

We are hoping Disney realize the huge mistake they are making and do something about it.

If you would like to help, there is a petition going on that you could sign and share with your friends and family!

You can sign the petition here.



Ana Leal

8 thoughts on “Help Sign The “Keep The Disney PhotoPass Cast Members” Petition!

  1. Well, that’ll make a big difference to the 153,196 guests that visit Walt Disney World every day.
    80,000 signatures vs 55,916,540 guests every year.

    Yeah, I’m sure Disney will change their minds.

  2. Cast members are a very important part in the Disney World it’s so sad to see them being replaced. I got engaged 16 years ago at Disney the initial photographer took his time and gave us some great photos, throughout the day wearing my just got engaged button the photographers were amazing and gave us great memories to cherish

  3. My most magical night was captured because of a Disney photopass cast member. I don’t think an automated box would have noticed that after we took our standard pics, my boyfriend at the time turned and knelt and proposed. It’s absolutely fabulous to have that exact moment captured with such skill and expertise. And the photo of our faces right after is honestly priceless.

  4. We love the photographers. They always can get s hard to smile person to crack a grin or get a full blown laugh. The picture they take are worth more than a thousand words. When a love one is no longer with us we treasure those pictures.

  5. Amazing how Disney keeps raising the prices but keeps taking things away from us. Really having a robot basically taking pictures. They will not get the true expressions as a real cast member can. You know Mr. Disney created his magic for the children and their family. All I see is his hard work and happiness going down the toilet. As it is as Canadian we can not afford the prices and now I feel I wasted my hard earn on getting the photo pass. In US funds It is 169. but it cost me 228.53. That is a good majority of my weekly pay.

  6. Disney has always been about making magic happen, the cast members make the magic happen. If Disney keeps automating everything, soon even us Disney fanatics will no longer want to go. We’ve been going for over 25 years, and absolutely love Disney. I don’t want automated vacations or virtual reality, I want customer service that the cast members provide nonstop, and the fun they bring to all of the Disney experience.

  7. Recently was at Disney and some of the photos were taken by automatic photos. I have so many photos from it that were horrible. Keep real photographers.

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