Haunted Mansion Queue now has new Plexiglass Dividers

Haunted Mansion plexiglass dividers

The Haunted Mansion queue now has a slightly new look for those who visit the attraction. The theme park has added plexiglass dividers to the queue. The plexiglass is part of Disney’s COVID safety measures.

Haunted Mansion plexiglass dividers

Throughout the ride queue, there are markings showing guests where to stand so they can follow physical distancing guidelines. There’s also plexiglass separating the would-be FastPass line and the standby line.

You can take a better look at how it looks in our Instagram video below.

The Haunted Mansion is certainly a fan favorite among guests who visit Magic Kingdom. Adding these plexiglass dividers will help maintain the health and safety for guests as they board each attraction. They certainly help with physical distancing.

Is the Haunted Mansion a favorite of yours? Let us know which Disney Park attractions you enjoy most in the comments!

Haunted Mansion plexiglass dividers

Lastly, guests will now find plexiglass dividers in additional rides. For instance, the Pirates of Caribbean attraction now has the same dividers in the queue when guests enter the building.


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Kevin Koszola