Haunted Mansion Ghost Jars Have Materialized On shopDisney

Back in August for the Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary, Disney released some mysterious relics! These mysterious relics were actually Haunted Mansion Ghost Jars, that let you host your very own ghost! If you missed out on them during the Haunted Mansion celebration, you can now find them online at shopDisney!

You can summon the spirits to follow you home with with these apothecary-style jars. There are eight in total, and each contains one of the 999 happy haunts from regions beyond. These unique vessels come complete with lights, sounds and even music from The Haunted Mansion!

Haunted Mansion Ghost Jars

Madame Leota has conjured up these grim grinning ghosts, and invites you to become a caretaker to one of the Haunted Mansion’s restless spirits. With a simple tap of the jar, Leota, as head spiritualist, will channel your spirit to materialize for you.

Haunted Mansion Ghost Jars

Each Haunted Mansion jar is motion activated, and also contains lights, and sounds, including the voices of these ghostly haunts. Each aged apothecary jar comes with a unique-to-character label, The Haunted Mansion logo lid, and lights up with an illuminated spirit character image within! Both the sounds and lights are activated by pressing the lid on the jar. Madame Leota’s laugh is even triggered through a motion sensor!

Haunted Mansion Ghost Jars
You ghost host approval will even be certified with a Death Certificate of Verification. Each jar also comes in a presentation box with a satin bed and ribbon!

Available ghosts are:

  • Hatbox Ghost
  • Constance Hatchaway
  • Gus
  • Phineas Plump
  • Sarah “Sally” Slater
  • Amicus Arcane
  • Ezra Beane
  • Captain Culpepper Clyne

Will you be willing to host your very own ghost with these ghastly Haunted Mansion Ghost Jars from shopDisney?

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