Harrison Ford Shares His Admiration For Returning To His Iconic Roles In New Interview

Harrison Ford Shares His Admiration For Returning To His Iconic Roles In New Interview. Indiana Jones and Star Wars star, Harrison Ford, is set to be featured in an interview with Sunday Morning on CBS tomorrow, February 16th. CBS has shared a highlight from the interview featuring Harrison Ford’s take on returning to his iconic roles such as Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

“Trying not to look silly. You know, and running around wearing the tight pants and knee high boots,” Ford jests.

He continued, “I’ll give you a more appropriate answer, considering that I am going to be starting doing Indiana Jones in about two months. I’m always delighted to come back to these characters. You know, when we have the opportunity to make another it’s because people have enjoyed them. I feel obliged to make sure that our efforts are as ambitious as they were when we started.”

Harrison went on to clarify his statement, “You have a sense of responsibility to your customers. I think of the people that go to my movies more as customers, then I do as fans. Fans feels kind of weird to me. Always has, but the fact that these people support my business and I am responsible to them for the quality of the service that I offer. That feels better to me.”

You can check out the highlight of Harrison Ford’s interview with Sunday Morning below:

Check out the full interview this Sunday, February 16, 2020 on Sunday Morning on CBS.

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