Happiest Celebration! Grand Finale Coming to Tokyo Disneyland in 2019

Happiest Celebration! Grand Finale Coming to Tokyo Disneyland in 2019

Happiest Celebration! Grand Finale Coming to Tokyo Disneyland in 2019. In 2018, Tokyo Disneyland celebrated their 35th Anniversary by throwing the “Happiest Celebration!”  The party is set to continue into the new year but will be ending on March 25, 2019. Though the party may be ending, there is always a reason to celebrate at Disney.

During the “Happiest Celebration! Grand Finale”, guests will be able to view a limited time special edition of the “Dreaming Up!” Parade at Tokyo Disneyland. The park will be decked out for the Grand Finale and guests will be immersed in a more festive atmosphere than ever before. The Grand Finale is set to take place from January 11, 2019 through March 25, 2019. This end-of-the-party celebration will be a unique and major celebration of its own!

Check out the video below to see a tease of what is to come during the “Happiest Celebration! Grand Finale!”


It looks like Mickey, Minnie, and all their Pals, are gearing up for a unique and wonderful celebration! Changes to the parade won’t be the only changes coming to Tokyo Disneyland during the Grand Finale celebration.

Cinderella’s Castle is set to be decorated with colorful ribbons wrapped around the castle walls, and its spires, to bring a more festive feel to the park. I have a feeling that is going to be a Disney Fan favorite backdrop on Instagram and Snapchat in Winter 2019! Disney Characters and Cast Members will be laughing, celebrating, and dancing, with Tokyo Disneyland Guests throughout the park during the celebration which will make you feel right at home. What’s a Disney celebration, or any celebration, without the food? Be sure to try the amazing snacks and treats that can only be found at Tokyo Disneyland!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to grab the family, pack my bags, and head to Tokyo, to celebrate this milestone celebration at Tokyo Disneyland!

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