Hallmark Baby Yoda Ornaments Are The Epic Bounty We Want This Christmas

We don’t even have to pretend like we don’t know Baby Yoda/The Child is going to be one of the hottest must haves this Christmas and holiday season. Of course Baby Yoda Ornaments, like these adorable ones from Hallmark will also be hot hot hot!

Two officially licensed Hallmark ornaments have been revealed, a classic Keepsake ornament, and a wooden pull-string ornament.

Baby Yoda Ornaments

Hallmark Baby Yoda Ornaments

The Child Keepsake Ornament

This crafted Keepsake ornament will be precious cargo this holiday season! Decorate the Christmas tree with the Force-sensitive being known only as The Child. The mysterious fan-favorite character even comes in his hovering pram transport.

Hallmark Baby Yoda Ornaments

The Mandalorian Bouncing Bounty Pull-String Wood Ornament

This ornament is strong with not just The Force, but also epic doses of cuteness!  The mysterious bounty known only as The Child will have you giggling with delight. When you pull the string, his arms and ears will move! The pull string also features his favorite snack, a Sorgan frog. I am loving that they found a way to include the frog!

The ornaments are done in two different styles, so that fans can choose the ornament that fits their style best!

The Mandalorian Keepsake Ornament

Of course we can’t forget Mando! Our favorite bounty hunter will also be available as a Keepsake Ornament from Hallmark this year!

Will you be adding the Hallmark Baby Yoda Ornaments to your holiday bounty this year?

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