Guests get a sneak peek inside Avengers Campus at California Adventure

avengers campus

Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure was supposed to open this past summer at the Disneyland Resort. Due to the pandemic construction on the new land was delayed. Today guests were able to get a peek inside Avengers Campus!

The theme parks at the Disneyland Resort are still closed but Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure is open to guests for shopping and dining.

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Instagram user Gothic Rosie shared some pictures of the open entrance to Avengers Campus. Just inside the gates are some snack carts where guests can purchase food and also take a peek at the new land.

You can also check out a video from Instagram user Disney Hype Beast:

It looks like these gates open near the WEB Suppliers retail store and the WEB Slingers Spider-Man ride.

While the Disneyland Resort theme parks remain closed with no reopening date in sight, we are so excited to get even the smallest sneak peek at the new Marvel hero-themed land!

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