Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 DVD Review:Where Do We Go From Here?

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 begins with the residents return for their first day of fifth year. This year will make or break their career. Some will persevere, some will leap and bound over the others, but one, one will surprise you when this doctor fails the boards. I was surprised by the failure of one of the residents and I’m left wondering, in Grey’s fashion, what the future of the doctor holds.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Season 8 doesn’t disappoint. We begin the journey with the fallout from Meredith tampering with Derek’s clinical trial. Chief Webber keeps his promise to Ellis and watches over her little girl, much to everyone’s shock and anger. Karev must redeem himself, somehow, for outing Meredith, the most universally liked person in the whole hospital. The biggest question is: Will Meredith and Derek be granted custody of Zola?

Bailey must decide whether to ditch Nurse Eli for the Romancy Ben and later is served with a crossword puzzle of a lifetime. After completely fumbling her love’s gesture, she dons a trench coat to appease Mr. Ben. The scenes between these two are always a delight. Bailey is one of my favorite characters and seeing her vulnerable side with Ben gives me the warm fuzzies and usually a bought of giggles. It’s autonomic. I can’t help myself.

The two episodes leading up to the mid-season finale will leave you breathless. In “Heart-Shaped Box”, we see classic Cristina consulting the heart-in-a-box over her bucket list and Teddy and Henry’s first fight. This fight was to be their only, which leads us to “Dark was the Night”. This episode is chocked full of action, heart-break, edge-of-your-seat drama. Zola’s fate is determined and an issue between Owen, Cristina and Teddy erupts like a volcano. Meanwhile, Meredith and Alex are in limbo inside an ambulance in a scene that will have you glued to your seat, possibly yelling at the TV. Or, well, at least that’s what I did.

When we see the doctors again, the ER is bombarded by a family involved in a car crash. This particular episode features an eye surgery episode. Anything that involves the eyes gives me the heebie jeebies and I have to turn away. It was the huge piece of glass in a girl’s eye, in this instance, not the awkwardness of Lexie meeting Mark’s new girlfriend that gave my stomach a turn. Poor Lexie. She makes me want to scream at the screen “Just tell him already!”.

Throughout the second half of the season, we’re treated to a pondering by Meredith of what her life would be like if she had a mother and father who loved her. I must say that perky and pink just doesn’t suit her. I prefer her as one-half of the Twisted Sisters, and fate must as well.

Chief Webber begins to be a puppet master behind the scenes. This is genius. He’s an amazing manipulator and probably teaches Karev more in two scenes than Alex learned in almost five years. The success of Alex Karev is as surprising as the failure of Kepner. She is not who I envisioned failing the boards; Meredith had the stomach flu, Cristina’s life was in an uproar and she berates her examiner, Avery’s mother was next door posing a huge distraction for him and Karev missed the entire first set of scenarios and has a torrential meltdown any three-year old could be proud at the end of his last session.

Each episode of this season mashes our emotions with laughter, excitement, suspense and sadness. We see relationships fail while others flourish, careers made and broken, families built and shattered.

And then they were Lost. The finale was reminiscent to me of the opening sequence of ABC’s Lost, so much so that I could easily replace Meredith’s head with Jack’s and voila, we’re Lost. The similarities stop with the plane crash scenario. Where Lost was only beginning, Grey’s Season 8 was ending, with a cliffhanger like never before. Who will live and who will die? Will the residents really leave Seattle Grace Mercy West Death? How will the crash affect their decisions to leave or stay? How will they be rescued? What do you think?

The bonus features on the disc are excellent. I love “In Stitches”. Outtakes are always a blast to see and are my favorite kind of bonus features on any disc.  Traveling along with Kevin McKidd to Scotland was a delight. I had never heard his accent until hearing him speak in A Journey Home. The deleted scenes were even fun to watch, especially learning about beeswax. I wondered what happened to that couple, and now I know. The extended version of If/Then was more cohesive than the version that originally aired. I preferred the extended version, although the episode itself was one of my least favorite from the season.

I always view movies and TV shows with subtitles on. The white lettering of the subtitles were average compared to the yellow that you typically see on discs. The size was larger than most, and while I didn’t have a problem with the larger font, I felt it could be slightly distracting at times. I am, however, glad the size was larger than average and not smaller because it was very easy to read and I felt like it was in tune very well with the spoken word.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Season 8 and I’m psyched for Season 9 in a few weeks. Hopefully some of my questions from above can be answered, but I’m sure those answers will only spawn even more questions. What do you believe will happen with the crash? Will the residents go their separate ways or will this draw them to stay? Will the Twisted Sisters be each others person again? Will Bailey get married?

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