Why do you keep going back to Disney?

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This is a question that I have been asked many times. I’m sure of my fellow Disney Addicts have also been asked this question. To me this is a loaded question because there are so many answers. Most people who are not Disney Addicts can’t wrap their mind around the need to keep going back to Disney, especially after you have been 3, 4, or 5 times. When I’m asked that question here is the speech I give, however most people tune me out after the first 2 minutes lol.

I went to Disney World for the first time when I was 6 years old but that wasn’t the time when I became a Disney Addict. It was many years later when I moved to Orlando and rediscovered Disney and saw it in a whole new light. There is no place on Earth like Disney, it truly is magical. It doesn’t matter how many times you go you always see something you didn’t see before or you see things in a different way. I wasn’t that crazy about moving to Orlando but now I see it as a blessing because I live 30 minutes away from the most magical place on earth. I get to somewhere a few times a month that a lot of people aspire to visit at least once in their life. I feel very lucky that I get to make amazing memories at Disney with my daughter. My daughter and I don’t get to do to many fun things together so our time there means so much to me.

How lucky am I that I get to make such magical memories with my daughter at Disney World at least a few times a month. Disney is the only place in the world that you can feel like you are in your favorite movie. Where else can a chid meet their hero or someone they aspire to be like when they grow up. Where else can you walk down a street and see an amazing castle directly in front of you. Where else can an adult feel like a kid again without a care in the world.

In Disney children get treated like royalty, I know of no other place where a little girl can wear a princess dress all day and be called princess by every cast member that sees them. I know of no other place where you can eat a hot dog while looking at an amazing castle right in front of you. There are no employees like the ” cast members ” at Disney. Most of them go above and beyond to make sure that you feel special and that you are taken care of and that is not easy considering the sheer volume of people who visit Disney everyday. There is no other place where you can walk around wearing a birthday button with your name on it, walk down the street and have everyone wish you a happy birthday as they walk by, you do that in the real world and people look at you like you went crazy.

Disney World is not only fun but it also helped my daughter over come some sensory issues that lead to panic attacks. Disney can be an overload on the senses, that is a given, but Disney can also help children with sensory issues or anxiety. The key to overcoming these issues is exposure and what better place to accomplish this.

Even going to First Aid can be a magical experience. The nurses are always smiling and doing everything they can to make you feel better. I had to go to first aid one day and my daughter freaks out very easily, maybe the nurse saw it her face I’m not sure but she talked to my daughter in such caring way and she taught her how to take blood pressure, which is something she always wanted to do. Before I knew it I was feeling better and my daughter did not have panic attack, so crisis averted.

I think Walt would be very proud if he saw his dreams in reality. He had an imagination like no other. I shutter to think what a dull we would live had there never been a Walt Disney. So I say why would you not want to keep going back to Disney. Where else can you not feel well and still have a smile on your face.

I’m sure many of you have so many reasons why you keep going back to experience the ” Disney Magic”. Share some of your reasons with us.


Sunshine is a Disney fanatic. You will find her counting down the days until she goes back to Disney, while annoying her daughter with everything Disney.

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  1. Here are my reasons for going multiple times: I smile more when I am at Disney, my family is always willing to meet me there, if something goes wrong it will get fixed, we have a lot of “history” there.

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