Give Your Disney Vacation Mornings a Little get up and GO!

Sleeping in while on a Disney vacation is a big “no-no”.  Why would you want to waste your day away when you could be up and in the parks having a magical time?  We all know that a trip to Disney World is not cheap.  Why not think through how to get up and go every morning without wasting your precious park time?  Today I am doing the prep work for you and sharing my tips for getting out of bed and into action!  You’ll be on Splash Mountain faster than you can say rabbit in the briar patch!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get up and GO!

Sort it out

If you are staying on property, chances are bathroom space is going to be limited!  Taking a moment to think through bathing and prep time will save you a chunk of time in the morning.   I know there are many schools of thought on bathing.  I hope this doesn’t overstep my blogging boundaries, but I vote splitting up the shower schedule.  As a woman who fully utilizes my makeup and hair time, I opt for the night shift when it comes to getting clean.  I have a lot of hair.  It takes a long time to get it dry, let alone make it look presentable.  Kids are also good candidates for nighttime baths.  I like being clean before I go to bed so I don’t really mind not getting a shower in the am.  That’s just me, but I know that having a shower schedule has helped my family get up and going in the morning!

Do your prep work the night before

I know how tired I am when I return to my resort room after a long Disney day.  I am guilty of falling asleep in the bus (hehehe 😀 ) only to be blinded by the overhead lights and squealing doors.  I know my first instinct upon returning “home” is to grab a shower and hit the sack!  But, the sensible side of me says, “get everything ready before you go to sleep”.  Be ready and the morning will be easier!  Here is what I propose:  do as much prep work as possible the night before.  Picking out clothing, packing your park bag, and filling up on water bottles or snack baggies the night before will cut down your time in the morning.  If you are taking advantage of special experiences, for example the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, take a moment to get together anything you’ll need (if you are bringing your own dress or accessories).  Finally, take a minute to look over your dining reservations and itinerary to make sure you know when and where you are supposed to be!   Trust me, the “morning you” will be ever so grateful.

Have a plan

Having a plan for what park(s) you’ll visit on what day can save you from the inevitable “I don’t care, I’m with you battle”.  You know the one, where you say, “what park should we go to today?”  and 30 minutes later you are still deciding!  I generally start one place and hop my way across the property over the course of the day.  I like to have a plan for the start of my day though!  Planning with dining reservations and events in mind helps me to get my morning going!

Make a “Deadline” 

Okay, just so this makes sense, this is a deadline is talking about deadline for leaving your resort room.  I like having deadlines because there is no grey area.  Everyone knows the expectation and dilly-dallying just gets cut out.  I say make a firm deadline time for leaving and hold everyone to it.  This is especially effective for the last few days where you are tired and want to sleep in.  The figurative “bus pulls out at X am” will get you up and out of there!

I hope these suggestions will get you and your crew out the door and into the parks!  Some days, especially after long days of fun in the park, I really do feel like sleeping in.  In fact, until I’ve had my first cup of coffee, I am seriously no good!  What do you do to get out and into the parks?  Leave your suggestions below in the comments!

As always, thanks for reading!

For more tips, tricks, and ideas for making your trip to Disney World magical, visit my blog Disney Done Right

See ya real soon!


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