Get Moving With These Disney Inspired Workouts!

It’s time to get moving and stay in shape Disney style!

Have fun with your family with these fun workout videos that will keep you busy and entertained at the same time as you exercise! The “Get Moving With Disney Family” videos are inspired by your favorite movies like Mulan, Peter Pan, Moana, Lion King and more!

Ready? Then let’s get down to business and train just like Mulan at Captain Li Shang’s camp:

Off to Neverland! Gather some pixie dust and happy thoughts and get moving with these Peter Pan inspired workout!

The ocean is calling us! See how far you can go and test your sailing skills with the help of Moana! 

Hakuna Matata! Have fun working out with the 90’s classic The Lion King! Where you will get to stretch like Simba, meditate like Rafiki and work on your roar!

Train like a super hero just like The Incredibles! 

Forget about your worries and your strife with this workout inspired by The Jungle Book!

Fun right? We hope you enjoyed them and helped you stayed more active at home!

Credit: Disney Family

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Ana Leal