First Guests Enter Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on Opening Day

star wars galaxys edge

Friday marked the most anticipated event in the universe since that big Geonosian battle station went kablooey. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge finally opened the floodgates to welcome Disneyland park guests to pilot the Millennium Falcon and drink all the blue milk their humanoid hearts desire.

Clocking in at 14 acres and $1 billion, Galaxy’s Edge is the biggest and most advanced land expansion in the history of Disney Parks. Even just a day into its opening, Galaxy’s Edge is already inspiring legends of $200 lightsaber builds and adorable droids you can take home.

star wars galaxys edge

Nestled into the rocky hills of the remote world of Batuu, the Black Spire Outpost was designed to be the most immersive world Disney Parks have built.

From that intense lightsaber build at Savi’s Workshop (which is an experience that can take up to three hours) to the attention to detail on Kat Saka’s popcorn cart, the entire area puts guests within the Star Wars universe.

We were there for Day One, and if watching all our Instagram stories from Batuu is giving you painful FOMO, it’s time to make your reservation.

star wars galaxys edge

Reservations for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Until June 23rd, you’ll need to secure your spot in the Black Spire Outpost via a stay at the Disneyland Hotel.

All general reservations have been taken, but by staying at one of the three Disneyland Resort hotels, you can still make it there in less than 12 parsecs (or at least before the end of June). All reservations allow guests 4 hours in Galaxy’s Edge and park admission is required (single day adult admission tickets are $149 per adult after June 1st).

After the 23rd, all bets are off and reservations will no longer be required. And for those planning on visiting East Batuu at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, don’t forget your opening date is August 29th.

See you in a galaxy not-so far-far-away!

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  1. When is WDW going to offer reservations for Star Wars? When will the official sign up be announced and how will this be announced?

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