Dreamy New Rainbow Unicorn Backpack From Loungefly

Rainbow Unicorn BackpackRainbow Unicorn is only the most popular actress in all of Riley’s dream products, and why not she’s completely fabulous! To show off your love for Inside Out’s dream actress extraordinaire, Loungefly has designed a fabulous new Rainbow Unicorn Backpack! Complete with sparkles, and extra rainbows.

Rainbow Unicorn stands out with layers of colorful faux leather stitched together to recreate her gorgeous locks. A sparkling striped three dimensional horn sits at the top to complete the unicorn look. This bag has a fun design that is a little bit different than we usually see with the Loungefly mini backpacks too. The front pocket is missing, however there is a gorgeous glittery pink heart where we normally find the front pocket. For the real fun, this bag features a gorgeous rainbow zipper, and when you peek inside you’ll see a gorgeous rainbow striped print.

The Rainbow Unicorn puff key chain doesn’t come with the bag, but it truly is a perfect fit. These are available for purchase separately, and are a cute accessory to clip on your keys, handbags, or anywhere else that needs some Rainbow Unicorn love.

The vibrantly colored Rainbow Unicorn Backpack by Loungefly retails for $80.00 and you can find it at Bing Bong’s on Pixar Pier, and World of Disney at Disneyland!

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