Fun New Disney Popcorn Bucket Keychains

Disney Popcorn Bucket Keychains

Like many fans, I am totally obsessed with Disney popcorn buckets, and other collectible snack novelties. Now we can carry them with us wherever we go with these fun new Disney Popcorn Bucket Keychains! You can now find an assortment of popular popcorn buckets transformed into keychains!

The keychains are fully dimensional, and look just like mini replicas of the buckets! They also have “popcorn”! Not real popcorn, obviously… although I wouldn’t be against the idea. The popular Mickey balloon bucket in a classic red color is probably my favorite of the recreations.

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The Green Alien from Toy Story has also been a popular popcorn bucket design. You can even find him dressed up for the holidays in seasonal outfits! He’s got his classic style for the keychain though!

You can also get a Minnie version of the balloon popcorn bucket! It even comes complete with her iconic bow!

If you’re more of an ice cream fan, you can also get the Mickey pants kitchen sink sundae as a keychain! This was actually one of the first Disney Parks novelty items I was ever obsessed with. It may have created an ongoing collection issue since then though.

You can find all of the Disney Popcorn Bucket Keychains and the Mickey Pants sundae keychain now at Walt Disney World, and Disneyland. Each keychain retails for $9.99!

Special thanks to our local correspondents Wright Touch of Magic for the photos.

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