Full Disney Scentsy Fragrance Collection Now Available

Full Disney Scentsy Fragrance Collection

This Summer Scentsy and Disney announced a new collaboration together. Several fun limited edition goodies made their appearance throughout July and August to celebrate the new partnership. Now, the Full Disney Scentsy Fragrance Collection is finally available to order online, and through consultants!

Fragrance collections featuring Mickey and Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Finding Nemo, and the Disney Princesses are all available to delight the senses.

The Finding Nemo Collection has a “Just Keep Swimming” Scentsy Bar, that has a fragrance of Blue Ocean Mist, Cucumber Water, and Salted Driftwood to cheer you on. Two Scentsy Buddy Clips featuring Nemo and Dory are also part of the collection. These cuties will make a quite a splash decorating backpacks, bedrooms and more! The Buddy Clips are both scented with the “Just Keep Swimming” fragrance.

The Disney Princess Collection offers Scentsy Bars, and Scentsy Scent Circles inspired by many of our favorite princesses. You’ll find beautifully fragranced bars and circles featuring Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Mulan. Each has a delightful scent that brings the heart of each princesses’ fairytale story to life.

The Winnie the Pooh and Friends Collection not only has a Scentsy Bar, but also lovable Scentsy Sidekicks! The “Hundred Acre Wood” Scentsy Bar is like wandering through a friendly forest swirling with Cotton Blossoms, Wild Jasmine, and cozy Vanilla. The Hundred Acre Wood Scentsy Sidekicks offer friendship and tons of fun little ones crave, like teething rings, crinkly legs and snuggly texture. For lasting fragrance without melting the bar, you can also grab a Scentsy Scent Pack that features artwork of Winnie the Pooh, and the “Hundred Acre Wood” scent.

The Mickey Mouse and Friends Collection offers a variety of items inspired by Mickey and Minnie. There are two scents as part of this collection, the “Love & Kisses Minnie” fragrance, and the “Your Pal Mickey” fragrance. Both fragrances are available as a Scentsy Bar, Buddy, Scent Circle, and Scent Sack.

The Full Disney Scentsy Fragrance Collection is available now, and you can explore the entire assortment on Scentsy.com!

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