Fuel Rod Locations at Disney to start charging to swap

We have sad news to report this morning. Fuel Rod locations at Disney will no longer offer free swapping, instead, they are going to start charging $3 per swap.

For many people, Fuel Rod was a nice convenience as you would pay $30 for a small Fuel Rod with free unlimited swaps they even came with power cables. But just like many other places like the airport and Universal Studios Disney Fuel Rod locations will now start charging $3 per swap.

Honestly, the Fuel Rod thing was never a good deal in my opinion as the Fuel Rods took forever to charge and many times I would use it and find the cable was so loose it never would charge unless I held it. Don’t get me started on trying to find a location to swap either…

I love my Anker portable charger. It is small, has fast charge, and has enough battery to charge my phone 2 to 3 times.

To each their own…

Anywho expect to see the price increase over the next week at the Disney locations.

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One thought on “Fuel Rod Locations at Disney to start charging to swap

  1. I never had an issue with fuel rods. Had them since they got to the parks. When my wife finally gave out after a couple years, I contacted them and they replaced it for free.

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