Flying Your Family to Disney Without Going Crazy! Part Two: Getting There

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After months of planning you are now on your way to Disney.  No time to slack…you’ve got to get through the plane ride!  Here are some helpful hints that you and your plane mates will appreciate.  Did you miss Flying Your Family to Disney without Going Crazy! Part One:  Planning Ahead?  Click here.

At the Airport

  • Get there Early:  Arrive with plenty of time to get through the process with your children.  Its stressful enough without being rushed.
  • Look for the Family Line at Security:  Most airports have them and it’s meant to give families a little breathing room getting through security.  This is not an excuse to be unprepared.  Have your toiletries ready, pockets emptied, belts off etc.  The family behind you will appreciate it.
  • Dress appropriately:  Hopefully you’ve worn comfortable clothes and shoes!  At the time of this article children are no longer required to remove their shoes for security screening.
  • It all goes in:  You will need to put just about everything through the security belt.  Including your stroller and car seat.  Remember to take your child out of the car seat if they are in it.  If you’ve ever gone through this process you will understand how it happens!
  • Tire them out:  Once you are through, you need to look for ways to keep your child entertained.  Avoid the goodies you packed, if at all possible until the plane ride.  Many airports have children’s play areas, but if not a child can be easily entertained at a busy airport.
  • Everybody goes:  Get some beverages and a potty break in so you are ready to go when the time comes.  Not all airplane bathrooms have a changing table, so get a fresh diaper in at the last-minute.

The Plane

  • Boarding:  One of the advantages of traveling with kids is getting to be one of the first to board the plane.  Be prepared to do this 20-30 minutes before takeoff.  With that said, some flights to/from Orlando will not give you this particular benefit.  With so many families on the flight it’s counter productive.
  • Seating:  Once you are on, get your child settled in their car seat or in the seat belt.  If they are a lap child, the attendants will instruct you on the proper way to hold your child  during takeoff and landing.   Have their survival bag at their feet.  You should have your supplies handy as well.
  • Takeoff:  During takeoff, an infant should be nursing, drinking or using a pacifier to keep their ears clear.  So plan your timing if they are bottle feeding or nursing.  Older kids are helped with chewy food like fruit gummies or crackers.  Anything to keep the jaw moving.
  • Play Nice With Others:  You are traveling with your children, but some on the plane are not.  Be conscious of your child’s feet and hands during the flight.  It may go unnoticed, but the littlest pulling on the tray table or banging the seat back is annoying to the people in front of you.  The lady with the stylish hairdo, may not appreciate your toddlers hands running through it.
  • The Flight:  Once you are in the air, the boredom will start.  Dole out those snacks and games one at a time.   If need be, take your kiddo for a walk up and down the aisle.  Just avoid doing this during beverage service, as you will be in the way.
  • Landing:  With a little planning and patience, you will be in Orlando before you know it!
The plane has landed, you are here!  Follow the signs to your method of transportation and Disney is about 40 minutes away.   Make sure you have directions to your hotel if you are renting a car, as it can be confusing.

Side Note:  One of the best advantages of staying in a Disney resort hotel is the Magical Express.  You will get luggage tags ahead of time and once placed on your luggage, the Disney Magic begins.  You leave your luggage at the check in desk in your departing city and don’t have to worry about it until you get to your hotel room.  It will arrive a few hours after you do , so pack your carry-on accordingly.   Follow the signs to the Magical Express and they will check you in and you will be on the bus to your resort.  Most buses go directly to one resort during the busy times, but may make several stops if it’s not as crowded.


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