Floyd Norman – The Retired Disney Animator Who Kept Showing Up for Work Every Day For 16 Years



When the fireworks end, and the kiss goodnight plays I don’t know anyone who wants to leave Disney. Even tired and cranky, I still want to stay. Now what if you’ve worked for Disney as an animator most of your adult life, and you’re asked to retire? That’s the story of 81-year-old Floyd Norman. Instead of begrudgingly leaving after the shops have closed on Main Street, he did what we all wish we could do – he stayed.

Norman has worked on some of Disney’s most iconic films: “Sleeping Beauty”, “Mary Poppins”, “Jungle Book”. He worked directly with Walt himself. Norman also crossed over from Disney animation to Pixar. Imagine his disbelief when HR told him it was time to retire.

He told The New York Post he was “so shocked” when Human Resources told him it was time to retire at 65. However, Norman kept showing up for work. The Post reports he’s been showing up to the animator’s offices for over sixteen years without a paycheck or badge.

As luck would have it, Norman’s 20-years-younger wife Adrienne happens to work at Disney as a storybook artist. Apparently, his wife sneaks him into the Burbank building every single day.

Now, Norman has true dedication because most people have a hard time getting up in the morning for a job they actually have. Because Norman has been incredibly devoted to his work, he’s been the subject of a documentary, Floyd Norman: An Animated Life.

It’s about his life as the man who never stopped drawing — and showing up for work. And, btw, when Norman wasn’t sneaking into the Burbank offices, he was writing a book about Walt Disney.


Our friend Krista is having a special event at AMC Disney Springs 24 for a screening and  Q&A time with Floyd and the film producer, Micael Fiore!

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