Florida sets new daily record of COVID cases


According to the Orlando Sentinel, Florida’s resident death toll from coronavirus rose to 22,481. It includes the addition of 19,816 positive COVID-19 cases to bring the total to 1,429,722.

The nearly 20,000 cases is the largest single-day increase of infections reported by the state Department of Health, exceeding the previous record set one day earlier by more than 2,000. The state has not reported less than 10,000 new daily cases since Dec. 28.

With a population of about 21.5 million, about one in 15 people in the state have now been infected. That number is also near one in 15 nationally and one in 89 worldwide.

Deaths are also starting to surge to the levels seen in summer with 808 reported in the last seven days, an average of 115 a day. The largest single day of reported deaths, though, was Aug. 11 when the state listed 276 deaths. Those deaths, though, were from several previous days, as it can take weeks and sometimes several months for reports to appear.

With 336 non-Florida resident deaths, including 6 new reported Thursday, the state’s combined total stands at 22,817.

Florida has seen about one in 955 of its residents die from the virus, while nationally it’s closer to one in 907 people, and worldwide it’s at about one in 4,127 of the planet’s 7.8 billion population.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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