First look at the New Menu at Spice Road Table

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Check out the first look at the new menu at Spice Road Table, by savoring and experiencing the mouthwatering tastes of Moroccan food, whilst taking in picturesque sites of the World Showcase in Epcot Disney World. Spice Road Table, a popular restaurant in the heart of the World Showcase can be found in the Moroccan pavilion, famous for its spicy shrimp, fried calamari, and other small plates, allowing guests to satisfy their hunger, pause, and soak up the ambiance during their travels!

Back in December, Disney took over Spice Road Table and created a new menu. Today, Disney Park Blog has released photos of the new menu at Spice Road Table! This new menu promises a new collection of small plate meals and sips for guests to enjoy! Check out the new small plates and drinks below!

Mediterranean Small Plates

spice road table hummus fries

Meet the first images released of the new small plates at Spice Road Table featuring:

  • Hummus Fries – Citrus Chipotle and Preserved Lemon. $10.00
  • Pomegranate-Chili Crispy Cauliflower – Red Pepper Aleppo Sauce (Plant-based). $11.00

Both of which looks extremely delicious- you cannot go wrong with hummus and its good to see some plant-based options at Walt Disney Resort!

spice road table fried calamari

Next up is the fried calamari and lamb kefta

  • Fried Calamari – Rémoulade and Harissa Sauce. $12.00
  • Grilled Lamb Kefta – Tzatziki, Radish, Cherry Tomato Confit. $12.00

Both dishes are brilliant small meals for those wanting a small bite before continuing the rest of their journey around the World Showcase. Alternatively, a selection of small plates accompanied by some of the new drinks at Spice Road Table would make a romantic meal for two!

spice road table naan spread

You cannot beat freshly baked naan bread accompanied by a variety of different sides like hummus or olives! Why not try some delicious hot and spicy shrimp to go with the naan!

  • Naan Spreads – Hummus, Chermoula, Marinated Olives, Za’atar. $10.00
  • Spicy Shrimp – Chili, Garlic, Peri Peri Sauce. $12.00

spice road table Tiropitakia

Tiropita or tyropita is a traditional Greek pastry made with layers of buttered phyllo and filled with a cheese-egg mixture, which is exactly what Disney chefs have created here at Spice Road Table. Accompanied by a refreshing cucumber-tomato relish- Yum! Dolmas is an umbrella term for stuffed dishes and this dish is no exception- grape leaves filled with rice and herbs- delicious!

  • Tiropitakia – Cheese-filled Phyllo, Cucumber-Tomato Relish. $9.00
  • Dolmas – Grape Leaves filled with Rice and Herbs, Marinated Olives, Charred Lemon (Plant-based) $9.00

spice road table Spiced Chicken

Spiced chicken sounds simply magnificent and you cannot beat a sampler dish filled with a selection of delicious dishes from the new small plates at Spice Road Table

  • Spiced Chicken – Ras el Hanout, Mint Yogurt $11.00
  • Spice Road Table Sampler – Lamb Kefta, Tzatziki, Spiced Chicken, Tiropitakia. $15.00

spice road table moroccan sweets

Finally, to finish off your meal of mouthwatering small plates, why not try the dessert platter filled with different Moroccan sweet delicacies.

  • Dessert Platter – Assorted Moroccan Pastries. $9.00

Signature Beverages

spice road table Mahiarita

Why not accompany your small plates with a signature beverage from Spice Road Table or savor the drinks menu as you drink around the world at EPCOT! I definitely want to taste some of these delicious beverages. Check out the list of signature beverages below:

Pomegranate Mimosa-$12.00

Hibiscus Mimosa-$12.00

Blood Orange Mimosa- $12.00

Mahiarita, made with Mahia Fig Brandy, Agave, Lime Juice, Sumac Salt, and Pomegranate Seeds- $14.00
Moroccan Mule, made with Figenza Fig Vodka, Ginger Beer, Agave, and Lime- $14.00
Medina Mixer, made with Starr African Rum, Van der Hum Tangerine Liqueur, and Cranberry Juice-$14.00
Sahara Spritz, made with Ketel One Botanical Cucumber and Mint Vodka, Soda Water, and Lime-$14.00
Iced Mint Tea with Bombay Sapphire Gin- $13.00
Moroccan Hot Tea Service- $4.29 (non-alcoholic)
Iced Mint Tea- $4.29 (non-alcoholic)

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